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Private Golf Instruction and Group Golf Lessons in Clearwater

Mike Riso Teaching Golf ProMike Riso has been a professional golf teacher for over 35 years.  Over these years, he has perfected his method of teaching “Simple Golf.”

Simple golf is a method of taking the confusion out of learning golf, so improvement becomes as clear and easy as possible.

Simple Golf is the opposite of high-tech instruction that in many cases confuses players with an overload of statistics and swing thoughts.

Simple Golf is for men and women alike, beginner or advanced, avid or social golfer, young or old, in good health, or facing physical challenges who prefer simplicity over complexity, and want to enjoy this time-honored game.

Mike teaches private and group golf lessons at the beautiful Clearwater Country Club which has an 18 hole championship course, a large practice green, a dedicated chipping and bunker practice area and a large driving range.

Mike is also offering online golf coaching and instruction so he can now work with golfers looking to improve their game, no matter where they are located.  Are you unsure about how online golf coaching could work for you?  Click here to learn about Mike Riso Online Golf Coaching and Instruction.

Call Mike today at 727-776-8380 to discuss how he can help you enjoy golf to the fullest.

Jack Nicklaus continued taking lessons long after he ended his PGA and Champions Tour playing careers.

Special savings on golf instruction packages designed for women, men, juniors, and seniors.

PGA Associate

Among his many other qualifications, Mike Riso is a PGA Coach, and you can see his profile on the PGA website by clicking HERE.

PGA Golf Coach Clearwater FL

Custom-Fitted Golf Clubs

While a golf beginner might use any set of clubs they find used or off the shelf, if you want your game to progress to the best of your abilities, having properly fitted clubs is extremely important.  Mike Riso has owned a golf shop in the past and has been custom fitting clubs for over 30 years. You might be amazed at the difference properly fitted clubs can make in terms of your consistency, distance and accuracy. Mike specializes in made to order clubs, and is one of only 2 KZG distributors in Florida.  Click Here to read more about the importance of properly fitted clubs.

With the weight properly distributed around the outside of these irons, you can quickly start hitting longer, higher, straighter shots.

Our drivers are designed with lofts as high as 14 degrees, perfect for those who have lost distance over the years.

Every Tour Pro has his or her putter customized. They know 40% of their strokes are on the greens. This makes it the most important club in their bag. Has your putter been measured and fit for you?

Business Golf

By learning to play golf, you’ll open new doors of opportunity that can quickly grow your business.

President Obama no doubt received some putting tips from Arnold Palmer in the oval office.

Spending time on the course with co-workers and prospective clients is a smart way to strengthen business relationships.