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Mike started teaching golf professionally over 35 years ago. Time has revealed some basic truths that are reflected in his approach to teaching golf lessons.

Much of today’s instruction is centered around trying to get students to swing like the tour pros swing. But the average golfer doesn’t have the physical build, world class teachers, a trainer, a mental coach, or the time to hit thousands of practice balls each week.

His teaching focuses on communicating core fundamentals, as simply and clearly as possible. Information is shared in ways that’s easily understood and applied, by students of all skill levels.

Mike Riso Golf started in 2003, and offers golfers a combination of services making golf easier and more enjoyable. Our webpage, is a reliable source of golf swing and short game instruction, and golf club education. The business golf coaching programs were developed for working professionals who want to create deeper levels of networking and client relationships.

Our main goal: to help golfers find fundamentally sound guidance for their golf games, and help those in the business world use the game of golf to increase their presence in the marketplace.

The name Relax and Golf was the brainchild of my wife, Nance. She envisioned combining the best parts of Mike Riso Golf with simple yoga postures to help students become more flexible, and at the same time reduce tension many golfers experience on the course, and in their everyday lives.

Through the use of videos, golf tips, golf-specific stretches, guidance on clubs, and simple yoga postures, the ‘Relax and Golf Club’ offers clients a membership that helps them excel both on the course and in their daily lives.

Swing in Time Golf Shop started in Williamsville, New York in 1989. It was run by brothers Mike and Frank Riso. The shop specialized in professional golf instruction, and made-to-order golf clubs. Its décor reflected nostalgic shops of the 1920’s and 30’s, and gave the shop its distinct feel.

Swing In Time was truly about old fashioned service. Considered a specialty golf shop, it was decorated with antiuqe golf memorabilia, giving it a unique ambiance.