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About Golf Teaching Professional Mike Riso

Mike started teaching golf professionally over 35 years ago. Three decades of teaching has revealed powerful, yet simple principles to help golf students of all skill levels. These principles are equally valuable whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player.

Mike focuses on these core fundamentals, teaching them simply and clearly, and helping each student quickly reach their potential.

If you’re facing challenges putting, that’s where we’ll begin. If you’re struggling with chipping, we’ll hone in on creating consistency around the greens. If a loss of distance is a problem, we’ll find the flaw and correct it.

It doesn’t matter which areas are weak, the answers are close at hand, and are applied during your first lesson. Improvement is immediate, and with some practice these changes become permanent!

Mike at age 20.

Flexibility comes more easily when we’re younger, and as we age it becomes even more important in creating distance. Although more flexible at age 20, by doing a series of golf stretches and yoga, at age 58 I’m nearly as flexible as when I was in college. With a little practice you can gain more flexibility too!

Mike at age 58.

By staying flexible as we age, we’re better able to maintain the coordination needed to make solid contact, increase our clubhead speed to add distance, and create a balanced finish. By using a series of golf specific stretches, anyone can regain their flexibility!

PGA Associate

Among his many other qualifications, Mike Riso is a PGA Coach, and you can see his profile on the PGA website by clicking HERE.

PGA Golf Coach Clearwater FL