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Mike Riso Golf

Mike Riso Golf 

Mike Riso Golf started in 2003, and offers golfers a combination of services making golf easier and more enjoyable.  It offers a reliable source of information on the golf swing, short game instruction, and golf club education. The business golf coaching programs were developed for working professionals who want to create deeper levels of networking and client relationships.

Our main goal: To help golfers find fundamentally sound guidance for their golf games, and help those in the business world use the game of golf to increase their presence in the marketplace.

We offer golf tips covering all aspects of golf to help golfers stay on top of their games. The services we provide include private and semi-private lessons, ‘On-Course’ playing lessons, group classes, and custom fit clubs.

In addition to these services, we coach students on becoming more flexible, reduce anxiety on and off the course with Golf Swing Relaxation Techniques, and also offer nutritional guidance for those interested in a healthier lifestyle.