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Relax and Golf

Relax and Golf 

The name Relax and Golf was the brainchild of my wife, Nancy. She envisioned combining the best parts of Mike Riso Golf with simple yoga postures that could help students become more flexible, and at the same time reduce tension many golfers experience on the course, and in their everyday lives.

Through the use of videos, golf tips, golf-specific stretches, guidance on clubs, and simple yoga postures, the ‘Relax and Golf Club’ offers clients a membership that helps them excel both on the course and in their daily lives.

One of the biggest benefits of being a member is enjoying a series of videos that cover all the important aspects of playing golf well. It doesn’t matter if players are beginners or advanced, there’s something for everyone. The videos are concise and easy to understand and apply. In addition, members receive bonuses, discounts on custom clubs and golf lesson packages, and special pricing on ‘Business Golf’ training programs.