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What Students Are Saying

“WOW!!! Thanks Mike,
What a difference, I am hitting 5 out of 6 greens, and if my chip is not within 3 feet of the hole, I know I have done something wrong. I’ve knocked a good 10 strokes off my game, and all this, after only 1 lesson!
I highly recommend professional lessons to anyone trying to improve their game. Again, I would just like to say thanks Mike.  I can’t wait for my next lesson! (I thought I had golf fever before, ha!)”

~Dave Brewer, Largo, FL 


Thanks for your instructions.  I like my golf game now that you guided me through some of the basics.  With only 4 lessons under my belt, I feel more confident.  I am striking farther and straighter than ever.  I actually chipped one in over the weekend from 10 feet off the green! Your tips about putting were awesome.  My putting is smooth and more deliberate and the ball doesn’t skip anymore!”

~Bill Iles, Clearwater, FL 


“Good Morning Mike,
Felt I must take a minute and write you about the golf lesson I took with you the last day of November.
You may recall I was ready to chuck my clubs and take up a less frustrating sport, like fire walking maybe.  I bemoaned the fact that my last game carded 11 holes, at 3 putts per hole, for a total of 33 putts, on 11 holes.  I won’t even mention the grand total.
You suggested that I take one lesson from you on the putting green.   You also said that if I didn’t shave 10 strokes off my game you would refund my money.
Next day I carded 31 putts for 18 greens.  Shot in the low 80’s for the first time in over a year.  Grip, stance and feel made an unbelievable difference.
Thank you Mike, I won’t be asking for a refund.  It was undoubtedly the smartest money I ever spent.”

~Bob Perras, Clearwater, FL

I wanted to say thanks for getting my driver Thermally Cycled.  I was skeptical at first, but the results speak for themselves.
I used to hit my drives to about 245 yards, carry distance, and roll out to 260-265 yards.  Since I had my driver Thermally Cycled, I now hit my drives 265 yards, carry distance, and roll out to 280 yards.
This has made a difference in my game.  I feel the ball explode off the clubface, and I don’t swing any harder than I use to.
If you were skeptical like I was, then don’t be.  This process will give you that edge you’ve been looking for, without buying new drivers every year.
Thanks again for Thermal Cycling.  I like it, and you will too.”

~Ernie Starkey, St. Petersburg, FL

“I had you thermal treat my driver last year when I was in Florida .   It really works!  I out drove my buddies all summer….
I just bought a R-11 driver on eBay and want to get it treated too.   I did shoot a career low 81 this summer!”

~Roger Sorenson, Omaha, NE

“Mike approached me while hitting balls on the driving range in a very friendly, positive manner.  He made me feel very comfortable with his easygoing personality.
My putting has been really holding my scores back, and after working a couple times with Mike on tempo & speed, I had my best putting round ever. Only 33 putts and a score of 84!
I was really pleased with Mike’s knowledge and mannerism as a teaching pro. I would highly recommend him for all levels of teaching.

~Kim Nastri

“I am so glad I took lessons from Mike.  My game has improved so much!  When I first came to Mike, I couldn’t hit a straight ball, and my pitching and chipping cost me a lot of strokes.
He taught me what to do, and why, and worked with me to gain the right feel in my swing.   I really like his teaching style!
Although there were a series of things to learn to perfect my swing, he advanced me to the point where I only needed to focus on a couple of things, when I went to hit the ball. The simplicity helped me relax and successfully execute my swing.
I also really liked the cheat sheets he gave me.  I found it very helpful to have notes to refer to, when practicing my swing.
I’m looking forward to continuing taking lessons from Mike when I return to Florida in November.  He has been so helpful in improving my golf skills, and there’s so much more I can learn from him!”

 ~Marjorie Keast, Canada

“Dear Mr. Riso,
This is just a note (well, ok, it’s turned out to be more than a note) to tell you how very much I benefited from the 1 ½ hour golf lesson you gave me last Sunday, and on such short notice!  What you did for me was just unbelievable!
I am a 64-year-old novice golfer who has played, maybe 20 rounds of golf in my life, and never enjoyed the game because I just haven’t had any success at “advancing the ball” as you termed it, towards the hole.  Before you worked with me, I had lost a small fortune in balls and frustrated just about everyone I played golf with.  I can’t tell you how many holes I have over-played because the ball just kept going too far.
I have worked in recreation all my life, professionally.  I have done it all, pretty well…except for golf!  I took up the game about 10 years ago because my brother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and his dying wish was that we play golf together.  I bought a set of clubs and “accompanied” him on a number of area courses.  I never really liked the game because I really didn’t understand the mechanics.  But we played, more or less.  He passed away a few years ago and I gave my clubs to his son right after the funeral.  I hadn’t played since, until last Monday.
I went looking for a lesson, last week, with a borrowed set of clubs, because in my capacity as a contract manager for a county Parks and Recreation Department, I was being asked to assess a couple of Golf Course Management companies in anticipation of privatizing our two courses.  My boss asked that I go with her and plan to play a round of golf.  Considering my previous golf experience, (or lack thereof), I panicked!
After a couple of sleepless nights, I decided to at least get a bucket of balls and try to get the ball off the ground. As I purchased the bucket I thought to ask the guy behind the counter “If there was anyone around who might help me with my stroke.”  He pointed you out.  What a God-sent moment that was.
You patiently and immediately gave me confidence that I would not embarrass myself in front of my employer. Your patient, non-judgmental, confident method of simplifying movement, and straight forward, calm and expert instruction, really made my short–order task, do-able, and ultimately, enjoyable.  I had a great time and will be doing more of this.  I just didn’t think it was possible.
Who’d a thought that in 90 minutes I could be taught to not only consistently loft the ball, but hit it straight down the fairway just about every time?  (I have to admit that I did top it twice, after teeing off.)  I was in one rough and made one sand trap.  That ten minutes you spent with me on how to strike a ball in a sand trap made all the difference for me and I put the ball within 5 feet of the hole!  Get this!  I NEVER MISSED A SHORT PUTT!  Again, you’re insistence of simplification of movement and how to control the speed of the ball, really did the trick.
My game is not perfect and I’m going to need some follow-up, if you have the time.  I’m anxious to address some of those areas we did not have time to work on (like purposely slicing and drawing the ball) and I can’t wait to play again.  Thank you Mike, you are a great instructor.

~Mike Whelan, Largo, FL  

“Hi Mike,
After 50 years of hitting a weak, over the top cut/slice, Mike had me hitting a laser draw in only five weeks. Mike is a wonderful motivator and has a great understanding of the golf swing. He not only tells you and shows you what he wants you to do, but he also is very creative about inventing drills to get you to feel what he wants you to do.
Thanks for your help – I am hoping it will be a game changer for me. Maybe we can hook up again if I get back to Florida.

~Ron Badger, Canada

“Mike stopped by while my husband and I were hitting some balls at the driving range.  I had been thinking about taking lessons so that I could join my husband on the golf course – without having to pick up after doubling par!
Mike was great.  He showed me a couple of things that worked right away and then I signed up for six lessons.  I’m at lesson 4 and ready to go play golf, as I am consistently hitting the ball “in the air”.  He taught this beginner just enough to be able to enjoy the game without making me crazy trying to remember all the elements of the swing.”

 ~Cathy Hauser

I wanted to thank you for the lessons.  After two lessons with you my game has improved noticeably.  After the first lesson I was able to use my driver.  Before that the ball would travel a foot off the ground no more then 100 yards and sometimes just passed the womans tee.  Now I am hitting the ball 150 to 200 yards with my worst club.  My irons are also better.  Looking forward to my next lesson and when we can work on my short game.

~James E. Wareheim, Seminole, FL

“Mike Riso helped put on a special kind of “seminar” for the clients of an insurance company that I managed. Rather than bringing these clients together for an informational session about new products and services or industry developments, Mike gave a presentation about golf: useful insights into on-the-course situations; common misconceptions about club selection and strategy; observations concerning what equipment to buy and use; etc.
In his presentation, Mike wove in comments that tied together his golfing tips with valuable business principles such as focus, intelligence and consistency, and used these comments in ways that cast our company in a very favorable light.
His golf seminar, with it’s varied and interesting topics, sends a powerful message to clients that virtually guarantees they’ll remember your company first – ahead of your competitors.
In bringing together clients to focus on an activity that they love — golf — the seminar generated a lot of “buzz” and good will.
With some light refreshments and relevant give-aways, the seminar enabled us to touch a good number of clients in a personal way for a very modest cost.  This format would work for any business that relies upon referrals for business growth, including attorneys, realtors, stock brokers, financial planners, insurance agents and brokers, etc.”

~Frank Carroll, Buffalo, NY


I was in a hurry so I didn’t have time to hit many balls after our brief time of instruction, but your insights on my swing produced noticeable improvement immediately.
“A little weaker grip and better, less over-the-top swing plane…” were the simple changes you suggested and indeed, it did produce a slight draw on the few shots I hit.  Thanks.
Of course, I realize that just a few shots does not make a permanent change, however, it encouraged me to continue processing your insights and hopefully getting back out to the range soon, and then onto the course for some lower scores!
Thanks Mike.  I’m considering taking a couple of lessons that will hopefully solidify some good swing thoughts for me.

~Randy Morris     

“I have been casually playing golf for a few years and religiously put my time in at the range.  Still, no matter what I tried I could not get rid of the dreaded slice off the tee with my driver.  Without fail my ball would slice to the right thirty to forty yards.  I watched several videos online, videotaped my swing and compared.  No matter what I did the ball went right – way right.
One day at the range I was approached by Mike Riso who gave me a complimentary swing analysis.  Afterwards, I told him about my slice, and he replied, “when you want to address it let me know.”  Still confident I could solve this problem myself I watched more videos, took my videos and became even more frustrated.
On 8/14 I approached Mike and said humbly, “I need your help”.  He asked me, “What do you want the results of this lesson to be?”  I replied, “I just want the damn ball to go straight.”
As instructed I took three practice swings.  He made four very simple adjustments including my grip, posture and alignment.  The next five drives went straight and twenty yards further!  I was spellbound.  Mike solved in twenty minutes, problems I had not been able to solve for the last few years.  If you want to improve your swing or your game, call Mike!” 

~Steve Lomicka, Largo, FL 

“I’m 57 and was very new to the game, and everyone told me to make sure I took lessons prior to developing bad habits.  I tried watching the Golf Fix and videos online which helped to a point, but it doesn’t replace a hands on approach from a professional.
Me and my wife both go to the Missing Links range on East Bay in Largo Florida to practice and that’s where I met Mike. He was very laid back and offered to give us a few hints which even helped my swing at that time, but once we took lessons that’s where we really started improving.
It’s amazing just how many bad habits you can pick up quickly without proper instruction. Mike is very methodical and goes at your pace and works in a manner that slowly helps with each lesson. Slow not in a bad way, but in a way that the improvements you make stick with you.
I went from hitting over a 100 to quickly going into the 90’s, 80’s and even the 70’s within a few months. Both me and my wife are very satisfied with Mike’s instructions and will more than likely take a few more lessons before it’s all said and done. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone that wants to improve their game.” 

~David and Joni Bowen, Seminole, FL 


“Hi Mike,   
I am excited to tell you about the results of our recent golf lesson.  It was only our second lesson and you diagnosed a very simple solution to my somewhat overly complicated swing technique.  In the lesson, your solution produced immediate and hard to believe results. If you recall, after 10 or 15 balls, I laughed and commented that “it just seems too easy.”
You also suggested that when I went to the golf course, to keep applying the solution and not try to add anything to it.  While my normal game has been in the low 90’s, with occasional dips into the mid to upper 80’s, recently I had been shooting in the upper 90’s and occasionally over 100.  The day after our lesson, I played the Osprey North course at Innisbrook, which had been a nemesis for me where I rarely, if ever, have shot below 95.  Unbelievably, I shot an 85.
Thanks for the help.  I look forward to your continuing help.” 

~Tim Spridgeon, Indian Shores, FL

“I can’t thank you enough for helping me improve and enjoy golf like I never have before! I had immediate results after our first lesson! My hands went forward too much, my feet pointed backwards and my shoulders slanted forward. I was a mess.
After your instruction that night, I “found” something (all thanks to you) and 2 days later shot an 88 from the tips at Fox Hollow Golf, where I normally would shoot 103! Breaking 100 was my goal when I’d go golfing, now it’s breaking 90!
During our 2nd lesson you helped me enormously with relaxation. I even use your technique (Golf Swing Relaxation Technique), routinely, not only when golfing!
My passion and understanding (again, thanks to you) for the game of golf has never been so exuberant!”
Anxiously awaiting our next lesson,” 

 ~Michael P. Kelly, Largo, FL  

“Before updating you on my lesson experience, a little background info. I am now 77 years old and got hooked on the game a year before I retired at age 58.  Loved the game and played in business events without taking lessons (big Mistake).
I scored well with the worst swing in the world with a massive SLICE. Once I retired I played more, and because I could beat most of the people I played against I saw no need for lessons (big Mistake).  Straight ball flight and distance was not part of my game, just grit and determination.
I should mention I am English having moved permanently to USA some 6 years ago.  Enough of background—2 years ago I suffered from 3 herniated discs and have recently moved to the beach, so did not play for some 12 months. The wife was so fed up with me being in the house 24/7 she volunteered to come to the local golf course, and I played my 1st game in 12 months, 3 putted nearly every green and finished with 103.   That’s it. Give up the game.
NO, I FOUND YOU—- by luck as you were practicing on the local par 3 course and introduced yourself.   I booked one putting lesson and you set me up with the tools to putt and my enjoyment of the game returned, so I booked up 6 more lessons.
It took you 10 minutes to identify my flaws.  Bad alignment, out to in swing, all arms, no body turn, and poor grip.   I KNEW ALL THIS but I did not know I could fix them.   I have to say I understand most of what should be done from videos, but I now know THANKS TO YOU how the swing actually works.
I have completed my first 6 lessons and instead of giving up the game, joined a local golf course and last Friday shot 78, one over my age. Thanks to you 3 putts are a thing of the past – hit 12 out of 14 fairways and made 2 birdies. More important, I am enjoying my golf once again and playing 3 times a week.
What is important to me is that you EXPLAIN the mechanics of the golf swing, so I can understand what you’re telling me and you are more like a friend than a teacher.  My wife thanks you.   Looking forward to the future.

~Mike Green, Belleair Beach, FL 

“The challenges I faced before taking the lessons were lack of accuracy and distance.  Mike was able to show me how I was swinging wrong and how to correct this.
The thing I like about Mike is he doesn’t have to wait until you take another lesson to tell you something.  He has seen me at the driving range and will always stop and give me advice.
I immediately saw improvements in my distance and am glad I took lessons from Mike.  I will continue to take lessons from him.” 

~Bob Alexander, Seminole, FL

Wow! I feel 10x better after the lesson. I know with repetition and patience, your guidance will groom me into the golfer I know I am capable of being.
I’ve never taken lessons on anything before, but it reminded me of my father. At the time it never seems to make sense, but when you’re alone and faced with adversity then all the tools are put to use.
I really look forward to the next lesson, but for the meantime I’ll continue to work on my feet, shoulders, and swinging out.
Thanks again Mr. Riso!” 

~Earl Alcover, Largo, FL 

“As a lifelong golfer who had recently “lost his way” in the myriad pieces of false data, tips, suggestions and flat out wrong reasons for “how to fix my swing” and get back to playing a game of golf I could live with, I finally sought out professional advice.
And…I’m certainly happy that I did.
As most of us golfers know – there are basically two “games” of golf that must be conquered:  The Outer game (mechanics of the swing) and the Inner game (the mental aspects).
Most instructors know something about one… or the other.
Fortunately, Michael is that rare instructor who knows, and can help with, both sides.
I have just completed  8 lessons with Michael Riso and now know that I have the tools to get my game into the best state it can be.
I would highly recommend Michael’s services to anyone who wishes to vastly improve “both” of their games of golf.

~Jeff Drumm, Belleair, FL

“Dear Mike,
I just wanted to say that today, my very first lesson, was so informative and exciting that I can’t wait for the next lesson.  I have been self taught up until now and the difference in my grip, swing, etc, is remarkable.
You make learning golf fun and exciting for me.  I used the word WOW a lot during your lesson with a smile on my face and it felt good for a change!  I didn’t expect to be so at ease during a golf lesson, but you have a calming influence instead of an intimidating one.”
Thank you,”

~Brent Smith, Pinellas Park, FL

“Dear Mike,

I am through my third lesson with you and it feels like I am swinging like a professional. I have never (hit) the ball so straight and far since I began to take golf up.
When I regressed a week and a half ago, it was because my mind was not fully in compliance with my body.  Feeling what it’s like to (swing) for the first time and have half the effort is amazing.  I have always wanted to know what puring the ball felt like over and over again, well now I know, thanks to you!
I also want to thank you for being available to talk, even if it means probably being late for your personal agenda. You are an inspiration to all those who love the game of golf, and wanted to play better, but just didn’t know why or how!
I know lessons cost a little, but for anyone interested in playing profoundly better golf, it is worth it, and then some! It’s the best money I have ever spent on myself. I am looking forward to hitting more fairways and greens, and shooting lower scores from now on.
Practicing on a range was always a chore in the past, but now I can’t wait to practice, it feels awesome.  Thanks again, and I look forward to my next lesson.

 ~Brent Smith

“Dear Mike,
Just a quick memo about the last round that I have played since my last lesson (5th), with you. I shot an 84 on a par 67 from the long tees, and even though I miss-hit (ok shanked) two tee shots, I have never felt this comfortable on the golf course before in my life!
One birdie, 5 pars, and a new found love for the game, is absolutely priceless, and can’t thank you enough!  Fairways and greens make sense to me!  By the way, all my woods and drivers are sitting at home where they belong (for now)! I cant thank you enough.
Thank you!”

~Brent Smith 

As a beginner, I am very intimidated when playing and even at the driving range.  I was hooked on golf after playing just one time, but did not begin lessons until after I had played a few times. When I met you, your calm demeanor helped me focus on what you were saying, and not on what was going on around me.
After just one lesson, it is amazing to me how much more confidence I have and how much better my swing feels.  I am so anxious to take more lessons and continue to improve.  It is very exciting to see what a difference it has made already and I know I am going to love to play golf even more!
Thank you so much,”

 ~Rhonda Smith, Pinellas Park, FL

Have been studying with you for several months.  Just want to thank you. It all came together in the last three lessons.  I had not played golf since the eighties. Started with you, and last Saturday broke 100.
Your QUICK and centered teaching enabled me to improve within the time frame of the lesson. You listen, ask the right questions, and give drills that enabled me to improve quickly.
It is not magic….I think a lot of it is your simple explanations, and your caring about your students. You have enabled me to begin to really love golf, because most important, I can finally play with consistency.
I know that I can hit most shots the same. Sure beats just hoping for the best.
Thanks so much.  I would recommend to anyone, to at least try a few lessons with you, and see what happens.”

~Mike Day, Seminole, FL


“Thanks again, Mike. You’ve taken my clumsy slashes and built a serviceable, repeating golf swing. Its amazing how much more fun golf is for me when the ball goes where I plan. The area golf courses are so much more enjoyable from the fairway.”

~Jim Charrette, Largo, FL


“As a Massachusetts resident and a part time resident in Seminole, Fl., there is nothing I look forward to more than my Florida golf vacation, the week after Thanksgiving.  This has been an 8-year tradition with my regular golf buds from Mass.
My first day of playing, (I think at Bardmoor), was a nightmare. The course was great, but I was not. I arrived at 8pm that night to do some work at the Missing Links local driving range, and found the hours had changed and they were just closing.
Mike Riso, one of the teaching pros saw my distress and asked me what was up.  I explained to him my story. He said let’s take ten minutes, and pull out your 7 iron, hit it a few times, no charge, and I’ll see what you’re doing.  Mike said, “your grip, swing plane, and other fundamentals look pretty good, but your posture changes during your swing.”
The next day, with the thoughts and focus that Mike had given me in just those few moments, I was a different guy on the course. The rest of the week went even better. I will see him again in February to get me ready for the spring! This guy is simply the best!”

~John Campbell, Seminole, FL


“Hi Mike,
Just wanted to give you some feedback about the lesson you gave me!!!!!
You found my problem in about 3 swings—gave me a simple drill to correct my problem—-and within a few minutes started hitting the ball much straighter!!!!  I now include this in my pre-swing routine and am now hitting many more fairways and greens in regulation.
You have a great eye for finding swing flaws, and can give excellent corrective instruction.  I really like your ability to find a problem, give advice and instruction on how to correct the problem and not have to change a person’s entire swing to do it !!!!!
Great Coach !!!!!!

~Bob Raina, St. Petersburg, FL 


“Hi Mike,
My 190-200 yard spray swing is now 225-250 (wind assist) straight as an arrow. My second shot is now hitting greens, shot 2, 82’s at Bardmoor G & C..
Next year please teach me to putt and I will shoot sub 80s.
Thank you so much.”       

~CJ, Canada

Can’t thank you enough for the help you gave me in the morning. I actually helped the team quite a bit, not only in the putting department, but I put together a couple of shots here and there, that gave me a few high fives for the day.
Thanks for spending the time with me.”

~Dean Martin

“Hi Michael,
Just got back from playing golf.  I dropped 8 strokes off my game today, made a lot of 1 putts.  Couldn’t wait to tell you.  Have a great day, I did!!!
Your student,”

~Donna Pagliarini


“Hey Mike, it’s Phil Wolf.
I was able to get out and play today and I shot a personal best, 89. (A lot better than the 107 I shot with you two weeks ago).
Thanks for all your help Mike.”

~Phil Wolf 


“Hi Mike,
I just wanted to thank you for the playing lesson, and let you know how much I enjoyed it.
I have taken lessons from you before at the driving range and all went well, but it seemed that when I got to the golf course, I would find that I was doing something else wrong.  The playing lesson helped tremendously with this.  Since you were playing along, you were able to see what I was doing at the golf course.
I think the playing lessons are a great idea, and I hope you keep them up!”

~Bob Alexander, Seminole, FL


“Putting, Putting, Putting!
25 putts!  This is what I had the next day, after a lesson with Michael Riso.
I had a lesson on the basics of putting.  I practiced another 45 minutes.  The next day I warmed up on the practice green, and ended up after 18 holes, with only 25 putts!
Now you go to the Missing Links practice range, and ask for a putting lesson to lower your score right away.
The full swing mechanics is complex, but not the putting.  We all need the basics to keep those three putts away.

It’s clear that my scorecard average went down (and stays down), because of that lesson.”

~Pierre Lagueux, Canada       

“Hi Mike,
Victory in putting yesterday at a golf game!
I applied all your putting techniques, and all holes were two putts, with one hole a one putt.  I applied the techniques you taught me on Monday, and it worked, I was so surprised.
Thanks for your help!”

~Kathleen Cafferky 


“Hi Mike,
Thanks to your patience and excellent instruction, I was able to achieve what most golfers strive for, in only my third year of golfing.
The very next day I played at the Largo Golf Course, and on the 11th hole I scored a hole-in-one!
I look forward to the opportunity of further advice, when I return to Florida next March.”

~Anne McGee, Ontario, Canada


“Have you ever been fearful that when you seek the help of a golf professional, that they will make so many changes that when you try to institute the new techniques you feel like you had never hit a ball before?
That was my main anxiety before having my first lesson with Mike Riso.  My presenting problem was I had no loft on my shots. His solution — simple as it sounds — after 20 years of golfing, was to teach me the proper way to hold a club.  That’s all it took.  Now I have loft and an additional 25 yards on all my clubs.
Imagine if you actually took a few lessons with Mike what the results could be!
Try it.  You won’t be disappointed!”

~Deb Cantor, Buffalo, NY


“Upon our first encounter with Mike at the practice range, we knew we wanted golf lessons from him.  With 20 words or less he was immediately able to assess how to improve both of our golf swings.  And he did!  He took what capabilities we already had and suggested minor tweaks that gave us instant improvement.  
His calming, positive demeanor is refreshing and helpful in releasing tension we bring to our golf game.
We have taken numerous lessons from him as a couple and separately, and plan on taking more.  We highly recommend Mike Riso as your golf professional guru!”

~Rich & Keita Sullivan

“After taking numerous golf lessons from Mike, we were looking forward to our playing lesson with him.  Not only is he a pleasure to spend time with, being on the golf course with him gave us great insight.
As other people may be able to relate, what we do at the practice range can be very different from what we do on the course.  The feedback from Mike on each swing, and expert tips while on the course, was invaluable.
At the end of our round, his assessment helped us concentrate on areas we need to improve.  The playing lesson for us was an essential addition to the lessons, for improving our golf game under real world conditions.
Playing lessons with Mike Riso are a great experience and opportunity!”

~Rich & Keita Sullivan


“While hitting a bucket of balls at Missing Links Golf facility, Largo, Fl., I was approached by Buffalo, NY. native, Mike Riso, Golf Professional, who apparently saw from a distance some potential in my swing (reasons still unknown), and decided to take mercy on me (probably because it was painful to watch).
Within just several minutes of analyzing my swing, Mike was able to make necessary corrections, and help me to better understand the relationship between ball position, swing, and hand placement at set-up, to positively influencing the flight of the ball. His tips really paid off. I am now hitting some really nice and consistent shots.Still a work in progress, but tools have provided me some “go to thoughts” while on the course.
Mike’s simplistic approach to analyze my swing pattern was quick, clear and helpful. I only wished I lived in Florida full time to receive additional in-person instruction..
Thanks for the tips Mike.

~Jason D. Borgatti, Cape Cod, Massachusetts


After my back surgery 5 years ago golf has been a challenge. I always shot in the low 80’s or high 70’s.
Mike helped me hit the ball more solid again, and after several lessons, he suggested that I may want to consider a driver with Thermal Cycling. Boy, am I glad I did. Here’s what I found immediately.
My new driver is 12 degrees, so I hit it much higher than I’m used to.  I thought I would be giving up distance, but the opposite happened, I’ve added 20 yards to my average drive.
When I miss hit the ball a little off center of the club, the ball starts to stray, but seems to correct much, and does not stray far from the center of the fairway.
One big plus is the new-found confidence that I have with this driver in my hand. I now think about whether to hit the driver, or play a different club, as the ball goes farther, and brings water and sand into play.
When you hit the ball, it feels like the club goes through the ball, not hitting the ball. There is no vibration, only a solid feeling of a pure strike.
I would highly recommend Thermal Cycling to anyone who is serious about their game. I am 58 years old, and feel I can compete with the youngsters again!
My first round with this driver went from the previous score of 89, to an 83, which could have been lower.
All in all, I am truly happy that I met Mike.  His lessons are delivered at your own capability, not the same teaching to me as a higher handicapper or lower one, but tailored to my ability.
I’m also happy that I was introduced to Thermal Cycling and the benefits. With the added confidence I will be a better golfer, and a more relaxed individual.
P.S.  The guys I golfed with in Florida all wanted to know where I got this club, as I was on the fairway, and hitting much longer than before. One even said. Whatever you paid for the lessons and the club, you should go back and give him some more money for sure.
I cannot believe the difference. I just smiled back.
Thanks again Mike.  See you in October with an update.”

 ~Garry R. Morcombe, Brandon Manitoba Canada


“Dear Mike,
Thanks for setting me up with a new driver. It is a real pleasure hitting them straighter and further than ever.
I am so confident on the tee now, that it feels like I am on the range and in a great groove.  Golf is fun again.

~Harry Mullen


“Hi Mike!
You know, you are just too good because after the 1 hour lesson with you my swing is totally corrected and my game is on fire.
I got my 2nd hole in 1 last month. Also, even though I thought my chipping technique was fine, your technique (which I now use) is 100% better and I’ve chipped in 50%+ more balls.
Thanks for everything.”
~Keita Sullivan


“Dear Mike,
A couple years ago at the driving range you invested a few minutes of time with me showing me a few ways to improve my golf swing.  Since then, I have been receiving the promotional email ads. At times, I have considered unsubscribing from the ads, but time and time again, I have found them so uplifting and inspiring, I felt lead to thank you for all your dedicated work.
Your passion to help people, by improving their attitude, by improving their golf game is both salt and light to me.  It is a humble way to make a living and the many clinics and long hours of dedicated prospecting and encouraging players are not always noted by the public.  But, you have shown your dedication and earn my respect.
Thank you for helping me along with your passion for golf.
Best wishes in all your pursuits.
Sincerely, ”

 ~John Polak

“Hi Mike,
Thank you for your great help correcting my putting, and helping me improve my tempo. I was able to have a much better game at Largo, with a gross of 74 and a lot less putts.But you’re right, concentrating on my putting stroke is important. Hope it keeps up!
Thanks again.”

~Josee Russell, Ranchero Ladies Golf League

As a self-taught golfer, my game had reached a plateau a long time ago. I simply was not able to analyze and overcome my technical flaws by myself.
My very first lesson with Mike was a tremendous learning experience. He showed me some crucial nuances in my address, grip and swing, which resulted in significant progress almost immediately. I returned to the range only several times to practice the concepts Mike taught me, but already am seeing a dramatic increase in consistency and distance with my mid-range irons, which previously were my weakest clubs.
Mike’s calm demeanor, his ability to listen, to watch and communicate effectively at the player’s level of understanding are tremendous assets that make him such a great teacher. He also is able to convey to the student the intangibles of mental mastery which are as important in golf as physical technique.
I cannot recommend him more highly as a golf professional.
Best regards,”

~Martin L., Clearwater, FL


“As a complete beginner, I truly felt comfortable with Mike’s relaxed pace and confidence building style. His approach explores the mindfulness of golf, as well as strong basic technique so I develop my swing (and my attitude!) effectively from the start.  He took me on the course for the first time just this week, and I’m so pumped and confident.”

~Julie Del Cueto

“An experienced golfer who took a 3 year hiatus because I’d “lost” my swing.  Even 20 minutes into my first lesson with Mike, my swing was dramatically improved.  I couldn’t quit talking about my success to friends after even one lesson.  Mike is able to convey the tweaks I need to make in a variety of ways, and his descriptions really click with me.”


~John Wieber


“Thanks for the 30 minute golf lesson on Wednesday working on my short game and putting.  You got me to put the ball back in my stance which felt terrible at first, but after hitting a bucket of balls, began to feel more of a better position when striking the ball.  I was hitting the ball straighter that I had in years.
Played in the 9 hole golf league at East Bay CC after our lesson and I could not believe how straight I was hitting the ball after you got me to play the ball back in my stance with only one lesson.  I hit all 9 greens in regulation and eagled hole # 1 which is a par 5.  Thanks for the lesson and I will see you at the range soon for another lesson.”

~Mark Bodine


“A week ago, right after Mike’s clinic, I shot 47 on the front nine, the best I had ever done.
He has helped me to become a more “thinking” golfer. For example, at Clearwater Country Club, it is better to be short of the green, never over the green – this time I really followed that advice.
Also, I am concentrating on knowing some of my favorite clubs really well, instead of working with all the clubs in the bag.
Mike also consistently reminds me of my personal key adjustments in grip, address and stance to counter my ingrained habits.”

~Martin Lum, Clearwater Beach, FL


“Good feedback and instruction from the putting class. Still getting comfortable with the changes, but I had zero three putts during my second round after the class. Thanks!”

 ~Julius Bzozowski

“Hey Mike,
I just wanted to say thanks, again, for taking the time to check out my swing this evening. I finished that bucket with great success, feeling good and a huge smile. Of course, I was shaking my head a bit, too, because it was so simple and totally not something I would have considered…WOW!
I truly appreciate it and can’t wait to take it to the course, hopefully, this Sunday.”

 ~Julius Bzozowski


“I took an on-course playing lesson with you on Saturday and two days later shot the best I ever have on a championship course, a 6 over par 78.
My normal was about 88 before your lesson. The chipping instruction and the sand play was most helpful. I think I was in the sand three times and the longest any of my putts were was ten feet.
Likewise with my chipping; the technique you showed me had me leaving shots less than 10 feet away and sometimes were just tap-ins. Thank you, Mike!”

~Jim D.


“Dear Mike,
I just completed Heritage Isle with my three golf buddies- Charlie, Rico and Derrick.  I came in second behind Derrick within a stroke difference. I scored 96 and actually broke hundred,while counting every stroke.
I just wanted to thank you for my two days of lessons, it is paying off big time. I plan to be back during the 4th of July weekend. Thanks” 

 ~Idowu Balogun


“Thanks so much for your advice last Sunday at Clearwater Country Club.  You told me I was lifting up and my grip was off.  I corrected lifting up and omg, I hit sooo much better.
I am trying to adjust my grip as I sometimes have a little slice to the right.  I hit one of my drives today 170 yards.   Best ever I think.  Thanks again.”

 ~Connie Villene


“Thanks to a tip from Mike during a lesson, I was able to break 90 for the first time in many years. He suggested a change in my grip which allowed me to square the club face.  This resulted in straighter and longer hits.  Thanks Mike!”   

~Dennis Doherty


“Hi Mike,
This I have to share…
Took out my new #7 Hybrid…got my first birdie ever, parred the 6th  hole, and ended up with a grand total of 42!!! Needless to say, I kissed my new club, did a little “golf dance” on the green, am working on getting my name in the marquis lights —– and I owe it all to you!!! And my new club!!!
Thank you sooooooooo much!”

~Sharon Drover

I have to tell you, your advice really works.   I had the shot of the year last Saturday.
On a small executive course I overshot the green and ended up down a hill on the back left.  I used my pitching wedge and remembered your advice about shifting my weight to my left and not using a full swing.  When I hit the ball it curved up in the air, hit the flag and DROPPED IN THE HOLE!
Needless to say, I was a happy camper!”

 ~Danielle Amspacher


This is an overdue note to express my thanks for your classes (putting/chipping/pitching).
I have been playing golf for 6 years and although I had been satisfied with the long game, I have had terrible scores as a result of the short game.
I was reluctant and anxious to play with experienced golfers because I was embarrassed with my lack of skills when approaching the green.  Although I’m continuing to work on improving in those areas, my enjoyment of the game is so much greater, and I’m actually starting to par (all this within only a month).
Many, many thanks for your patience and expert instruction.  On several occasions I had considered abandoning golf.  With only a few lessons you have turned the game around for me.
In sincere appreciation,”

~Irene Bauer 


“Hi Mike, just want to say I am looking forward to our next lesson. I have taken six lessons and my game has improved more than I could have imagined.
I have finally broken into the 70’s three times. I had a couple setbacks after some great rounds and then realized that I was not going straight back and getting my arms high enough as we had practiced. I worked this out on the range and have been hitting the ball solid since.
It is great to actually know what is wrong and to be able to correct the problem based on the fundamentals you have given me.   Thanks for all the help.”

~Jim Shaw


“Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my playing lesson with you. I can’t wait to play my next round with friends and reap the benefits of the knowledge and tips you provided me. They won’t know what hit them!
It’s one thing to have a range lesson but to be able to play side by side with a teaching pro while under the pressure of course play is a priceless experience. To have you see my “misses,” first hand, and offer corrective feedback was incredibly valuable to me. And, much easier than trying to tell you about it the next day, at the range, and hope you understand what I did on the course.
To anyone who is thinking about having a playing lesson with Mike, I say, “go for it.” It will be worth every minute, a lot of fun and if you don’t come away with 4 or 5 tips on how to improve your game, then, you weren’t paying attention.”

 ~Julius Bzozowski


“Dear Mike,
I just wanted to update you on my progress from my last two lessons. As you know I have been fighting a cut/slice since I took up golf and I had enough of it so I came to you for a grip and swing change. My ball striking has not only been sharp, but I have gained 1 1/2 to 2 clubs distance on all my irons, and I have more looks at birdie because of the accuracy.
My ball flight is superb thanks to your lessons the past couple of weeks. I can see scores dropping dramatically for me with my renewed confidence.
Just a quick update on my play/scores – 86, 85, 75 and had my first eagle with a 76 yard pitch in today!!!!  Awesome, thanks again Mike and I won’t hesitate to call for some more refresher lessons.
Like I said, if it weren’t for your ability to make things click mentally I would still be searching for my swing.   

~Brent Smith

“Michael, I thoroughly enjoyed the golf clinic today at Clearwater Country Club! During the hour and a half, you were able to instruct us on the importance of a correct stance, posturing the ball for better play to the green, and chipping into the hole from an uphill lie, as opposed to a downhill lie!!
There were six of us in the clinic.  We were each given special attention in a very relaxed manner that was both fun and Informative!
You offered a lot of tips that were helpful to me!  I look forward to taking future clinics with you.

~Dianne S.

“Have you ever screwed up your game by trying to fix your problems yourself?  Well I did.
My game got so bad I was playing in the high teens (117, 118), to mid 120’s. Sometimes higher sometimes lower, but mostly between those areas.
I was so frustrated that I was ready to give the game up. Well I signed up with lessons with Mike Riso. My first 2 lessons were on my drive. Let’s face it we all like to see our ball flying through the air landing near the green in the middle of the fairway! I was driving around 120, after 2 lessons I was up to 160 to 180 yards.
Then I had a lesson on putting. My drives were looking good, but I was 3 to 5 putting. After one putting lesson I just played a round of 98!  I BROKE 100!  My drives were between  180 to 210! My putts were one 3-putt, one 1-putt, and sixteen 2-putts!
I think as my confidence keeps growing then I will be unstoppable! So glad that I signed up for lessons with Mike!  Wish I was off work when he holds his work shops!”   

~Starr M. 

“Hi Mike,
We’re back in cloudy, 36 degree Iowa now, and before life gets too busy I wanted to write to thank you for the time you spent with my 13 year old grandson Nick.
You approached me at the range and we arranged a lesson for me.  By the time that happened, Nick had arrived for his spring break and he, his dad, and me, had been at the range for Nick’s first effort at hitting golf balls.  He is a very good jock at baseball, soccer, and basketball…but golf was brand new.  It didn’t go well; he was unable to hit the ball and was quickly frustrated. I emailed you and asked that you use my hour primarily with Nick.
In a one hour lesson you had him hitting with consistency and some confidence.  Most of all, he was enjoying himself.  At the end of our hour I asked him privately if he’d like to get another hour with you if it would work in your and our, schedules.  He gave me an enthusiastic “yes”.  The only time you had was 8 PM Saturday evening, before he left for home at 6 AM Sunday morning.  The second lesson went as well as the first.  The physical skills you helped him with are less important to me than the confidence and enthusiasm he now has.
I am a layman Mike, and truth be told, I have no qualifications to judge your teaching ability.  But I have lived my whole career in the ‘people’ business, and your people skills are outstanding.  I am grateful that I met you.  I look forward to spending time with you next year when we are in Florida.”

 ~Jerry Yeast, IA

“Mike’s proper fitting of my new 13.5 degree driver, has allowed me to maximize my swing’s distance and accuracy potential.
Having an experienced professional take the time to do this once, pays dividends FOREVER!  I will now take my driver out of the bag at the golf course.” 

~John Scarfi

“I have been golfing for over 35 years and during that time I have had a number of lessons with different teaching professionals. My game has rarely improved as a result of the lessons.
I attended Mike’s Saturday clinic at Clearwater Country Club. Within the first 5 minutes, Mike showed me a new technique for putting that made a dramatic difference in my game. I was ecstatic! Throughout the clinic Mike showed the group a number of different shots to help lower our scores and give us options in the short game.
Mike has an easy going teaching style that helps you discover your best golf. It made a huge difference for me. Thanks Mike!”

~Pete Pellegrino 

“I am from out of town and met Mike several years ago at a local driving range. I really wanted to improve my game and was hopeful that Mike could teach me during the 2 weeks I was in Clearwater. I was able to schedule 3 private lessons with him during that period.
Mike has a very relaxed teaching style and tailored the lessons to areas that I wanted to improve. He gave me easy to understand changes to my swing and things to look for during practice. I now have a great deal of confidence in my set-up and approach to swinging the club, and can diagnose what I might have done wrong when I hit an errant shot.
Mike helped me accomplish a great deal more that I thought possible in 2 weeks with 3 lessons. I would give Mike my highest recommendation!”

~Pete Pellegrino


Thanks again for all your helpful tips during the on course golf clinic today. This was absolutely perfect for me & exactly what I needed.
I feel I now have a lot of useful information that I can apply to all phases of my game (short game, putting, full swings & course management strategy). It’s amazing how much information you provided in 1 session today. I feel all of it will be useful to me.
I’d recommend this clinic to anyone who needs to tweak their game & wants to learn some new shots around the green that will help save strokes.
Also if I need further instruction rest assured you will be the first person I’ll call.” 

~Larry B


“Hello Mike,
I am happy to announce my first game where:
I drowned no ball – at all!
I lost only 1 ball on a tee off slice at the last (18th).
I rolled only 1 into the sand!
For me, this is astounding news! I performed using techniques that you gave over the last 2 lessons, and my game improved that much. I actually had a hard number score (not one with grace points for balls mia) – 127. It’s a Charles Barkley score no doubt, but it’s a great beginning for me.”   

~Mark Grzegorzewski

“Mike was fantastic during our learning session!  He was able to provide explanations that were easy to follow and implement in my golf swing. Mike’s instruction on pitching and chipping resulted in immediate and dramatic impact to my short game. His tips and instruction on the full swing had me hitting the ball longer and straighter than I ever have before.  In addition, Mike’s tips on reading greens and how to select different types of shots in different situations were invaluable!In just a couple of hours, Mike was able to make a dramatic improvement to my overall golf game!
Thanks for the great instruction Mike!” 

~Mike R Baltzell, St. Louis, MO

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