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Golf Instruction

Which type of lesson is best for you?

Private (one student)


One-on-one lessons are best suited for beginners, those preferring a high level of personal attention, and golfers who are focused on attaining specific goals.


If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, all our lessons come with a Money Back Guarantee.


What Zach had to say after his first lesson…

“Had my first lesson with Mike yesterday, and it was absolutely amazing. Went into it struggling with a right to left shot. With some tweaks that he made in my grip, grip pressure, and swing speed, it is already straightening out.

Mike is very professional. I highly recommend.”

Zachary Wentzel

Semi-private (two students)

These lessons include 2 students learning together, and are most commonly used by couples, friends, and co-workers with beginner to intermediate skill levels. For those seeking quality instruction at a reduced rate, this is a perfect fit.


Small groups (3 to 6 people)

This type of lesson is best for beginners or those who enjoy playing together in a group. Golfers can create their own group, or attend one of our classes. We offer various classes that cover the basics of putting, chipping, sand shots, the full swing, and how to score your best out on the course.


Choose the Program that Best Suits your Needs!

Putting Made Simple – Putting accounts for roughly 43% of your score. This is a perfect place to start your lessons if you want an immediate improvement in your scores. We’ll show you how to quickly reduce your 3-putts, control the speed of your putts (which leaves you a lot of short second putts), accurately read uphill, downhill, and breaking putts; and feel confident over even the toughest putt, whether it’s a short 3-footer, or one from 60 feet.

45-minute private session $85
60-minute private session $110
90-minute private session $165

Putting Breakthrough for Shirley!


“Just a note to let you know my results after the EWGA (Executive Women’s Golf Association) putting class. I played 18 holes of golf Sunday with the intent to focus on what you taught.

Normally I average 8-3 putts per game. Sunday I had a total of 31 putts. One three putt and 6 one putts for the 18 holes. I have to say my score dropped.

Can’t wait to take the chipping class.

Thanks. your teaching connected.”

Shirley McCamis

Men’s and Women’s Programs – Because we understand that men and women are different physically, emotionally, and in how they process information; we offer programs specifically designed to meet the individual needs of both men and women. Themes include: Putting and Chipping to Gain Confidence, Adding Distance Off the Tee, Improving your Flexibility to Add Consistency, and How to Score your Best Playing On the Course.

45-minute private session $85
Series of 5 private sessions $395
2-hour group session $99

Senior Programs – Many older golfers lose distance and consistency due to injuries, diminished strength, or a loss of flexibility. So, we’ve designed 3 programs that help create added strength and flexibility, and lower your scores. These unique programs help players gain back some of their lost distance, often aids in relieving aches and pains, and helps lower golf scores.

Add Strength and Flexibility to Gain Distance.      45-minutes

Sharpen your Putting, Chipping, and Sand Shots. 90-minutes $170
Scoring your Best Out On the Course. 90-minutes $170

Beginner Programs – Golfers who are just starting out face a series of challenges that can make golf seem overwhelming. Here are a few programs that take the fear out, and put the fun in!

Putting – The Key to Confidence. 45-minutes $85
Chipping – Chip Like a Pro. 45-minutes $85
How to Stop Hitting your Balls Along the Ground. 45-minutes $85
How to Gain Distance Off the Tee. 45-minutes $85
How to Putt, Chip, and Swing your Way to more Confidence on the Course. Five 45-minute sessions $395
2-hour group session $99


On-Course Strategy and Mental Game – On-Course instruction helps you learn how to score by teaching you club selection, when to take risks, when to be more conservative, special shots from around the greens, how to aim properly, and much more. This type of lesson is about strategy and the mental game. It teaches you how to think better so you can create more scoring opportunities, and reduce mental mistakes.

60-minute private session $110
9 holes $200
18 holes $350

Rich and Keita’s Comments after their On Course Lesson.

“After taking numerous golf lessons from Mike, we were looking forward to our playing lesson with him. Not only is he a pleasure to spend time with, being on the golf course with him gave us great insight.

As other people may be able to relate, what we do at the practice range can be very different from what we do on the course. The feedback from Mike on each swing, and expert tips while on the course, was invaluable.

At the end of our round, his assessment helped us concentrate on areas we need to improve. The playing lesson for us was an essential addition to the lessons, for improving our golf game under real world conditions.

Playing lessons with Mike Riso are a great experience and opportunity!”

Rich & Keita Sullivan

Junior Programs – Because juniors come to us with different skill sets, we’ve created three core programs. Each providing private one-on-one instruction. 

One-on-one instruction is designed for junior golfers just starting out, or juniors preparing to golf on middle school, high school, or college golf teams. 

45-minute private session $65
Five 45-minute sessions $315
Eight 45-minute sessions $475


Business Golf Programs – These programs are designed for those who already golf, or for those who have never played. Many people want to use golf to further their business career while feeling more comfortable around clients, co-workers, and when networking. These programs are customized to help anyone feel more confident around the game of golf. 


Programs start at: $495


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We’ll make sure you’re kept up to date on simple ways to keep your golf game moving forward. Whether it’s your putting, short game, sand shots, irons, driving, or consistency, we’ve got you covered.