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3 Easy Ways to Stop Slicing

If you slice the ball – 3 tyrants are ruining your game.
Here’s how to stop them!

Each time you slice into the trees, or into the water, or out-of-bounds, they’re lurking about.  And, as frustrated as you might feel, you can’t stop them unless you know what they are.

These 3 tyrants are: ‘a bad grip’, ‘faulty swing planes’, and ‘excessive tension’.  Here’s how to defeat them.


Grip Your Club Properly


Unless you break 85, odds are at least 25 to 1, you’re holding the club wrong.  And, a bad grip will quickly ruin your shots, and drive up your scores.

Imagine cutting a loaf of bread, holding the knife with only two fingers.  You might eventually cut the bread, but your results would be disastrous!

Your grip is a major factor in squaring your clubface at impact.  A proper grip controls the clubhead, just like properly holding a knife directs the blade where you want it to go.

Here’s the cure for a poor grip:  Point the ‘V’, or crease formed by the index finger and thumb of your left hand, toward your right shoulder.  When the ‘V’ of your left hand points toward your chin, or even worse, left of your chin, your chances of slicing go way up.

Most golfers turn the right hand too far to the right. Most golfers turn the left hand too far to the left.

The right hand ‘V’, should point toward your chin, or slightly right of it.  If this hand is turned too far to the right, you’ll have to make adjustments during your swing, to hit a straight shot.  So, with a poor grip, if you have any hope of hitting a straight shot, you have to compensate during your swing.

In a single lesson, you can learn a proper grip, and finally put years of slicing behind you!

Swing from an Inside Path on your Downswing

If your clubhead is cutting across the ball from outside your target line to inside, you’ll slice the ball and lose distance nearly every time.

How much distance?  A typical 165 yard drive that’s slicing severely, will increase to 180 to 185 yards without the slice. A slicing 195 yard drive when corrected, will go about 210 to 215 yards.  And a slicing 210 yard drive when corrected, can easily go 225 to 230 yards.

Want to know if you cut across the ball?  Look at your divots on the fairway, or on par 3’s.  If your divots point left of the target, it’s a sure sign that your ball will slice.  If you’re a lefty, your divot pointing to the right of your target will create a slice. The farther the divot is right or left of your target, the more you’ll slice. The reason for this, is because the path of your club is moving in the wrong direction. 

Here’s the cure for an incorrect swing path:  On your downswing, feel like you’re swinging to the right of your target (for righties), to the left of your target (for lefties).  Swing path/swing plane changes can be tough work.  But, changing your slice into a straight shot, will save you thousands of strokes, over a lifetime of golf!

Once you get your clubhead approaching the ball from the correct angle, just relax your hands, arms, and shoulders. Your hands will naturally turn over, squaring the clubface, and creating beautiful, straight shots. 


Relax and Release Your Club

‘Tension is a killer’, and causes as many slices as a bad grip and faulty swing planes.  Holding your club too tight, restricts the natural hand motion needed to create a square clubface at impact.  Excess tension will keep the clubface open nearly every time.  This means slice-city, and  higher scores!  

In the seventh image in the swing sequence below you can clearly see how Tiger’s right hand has rolled over his left hand. This happens through the natural unwinding of the body, as the hands, arms and shoulders stay relaxed.

Here’s the cure for excess tension:  Hold your club with the same amount of pressure you would if you were holding a glass of water.  With the correct pressure, your hands will be able to hinge and unhinge naturally.  Now, your hands and forearms can release (rotate through impact), around your body to a natural finish.  With a natural ‘release’ you’ll see your slice disappear, and hit more straight shots like Tiger! 


Mike’s Golf Tip:  A simple 3-step formula for anti-slicing. 


  1. Place the V’s of your hands in the correct positions, and hold the club lightly.  Your left hand V points to your right shoulder.  Your right hand V points to your chin, or slightly right of it. Before starting your swing, release any tension from your hands, arms, and shoulders.
  2. Swing your clubhead from an inside path on your downswing.  As you near impact, you’ll feel like your clubhead is swinging to the right of your target.  The ball will fly straight, as your clubface rotates into a square position at the bottom of your swing.
  3.  Just after impact, your right hand rolls over your left hand.  The club continues around your body, and finishes over your left shoulder. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to hitting straighter shots, and saying goodbye to slicing! 


Dedicated to Your Best Golf Ever,