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A Quick Way To Release Tension — on the Tee, on the Fairway, and on the Greens!

Have you ever felt nervous over an important putt? Anxious over a critical tee shot? Or tension when you have to hit over a water hazard?

Hitting over water is nerve wracking for most golfers.

Most of us have had at least one of these experiences.   If you’re like most golfers, when you’re playing, tension creeps in from time to time.

There’s a simple yet powerful technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). It’s a form of psychological acupressure that uses a gentle tapping technique instead of needles to stimulate traditional Chinese acupuncture points.

To help golfers of all skill levels, we’ve created the Golf Swing Relaxation Technique. Along with tapping on specific acupuncture points, it utilizes your breath to quickly release tension from your body – tension that interferes with your ability to make a smooth swing.

Guided by your coach, the tapping process is used to target tension that can arise before, during, or after a shot. It will help you quickly return to a state of ease and enhance your focus.   After a few rounds of tapping, you’ll play a better game of golf and have a lot more fun doing it!

Read what Michael K. from Largo, had to say about his golf lesson, and the Golf Swing Relaxation Technique:

“I can’t thank you enough helping me improve and enjoy golf like I never have before! I had immediate results after our first lesson! My hands went forward too much, my feet pointed backwards and my shoulders slanted forward. I was a mess.

After your instruction that night, I “found” something (all thanks to you) and 2 days later shot an 88 from the tips at Fox Hollow Golf, where I normally would shoot 103! Breaking 100 was my goal when I’d go golfing, now it’s breaking 90!

During our 2nd lesson you helped me enormously with relaxation. I even use your Golf Swing Relaxation Technique routinely, not only when golfing!

My passion and understanding (again, thanks to you) for the game of golf has never been so exuberant!”

Anxiously awaiting our next lesson,”

Michael P. Kelly

Largo, Florida

Albert Einstein wrote, “All matter is energy.”

If we look at the human body from an energy perspective, we’ll get a better understanding how tapping works.

Tapping on specific points, is by far, the simplest, most effective tool we’ve found for balancing the mind-body connection, while helping athletes attain superior athletic performance.

What Does Any of This Have To Do With Golf?

If the energy in our body isn’t flowing smoothly, then our ability to swing the club is adversely affected.

By using the Golf Swing Relaxation Technique, you release tension in the body and mind, so you can swing the club in a more relaxed manner, and play better golf.

How much better do you think you could play, if you could create a state of relaxation, any time you wanted to out on the course?

Do any of the following situations bring up fear when you think about them?

You notice a lake to the right of the fairway.

There are out of bounds stakes on your left.

You have to play a pitch over a sand trap hitting to a tight pin.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could feel more relaxed, when you find yourself in these types of situations?  This is exactly what the Golf Swing Relaxation Technique does for you!

How Does This Work?

You begin by tapping certain points, on your upper body and head, while addressing a specific challenge you’d like to change.  This simple process helps to release stress, balance the energy flow in your body, and lets your mind relax.

You can use Golf Swing Relaxation Technique alone, or complement it with a personalized instruction program, depending on your goals.  This could include learning some Golf-Specific Stretches to enhance flexibility and add distance to your game, or adding superfoods to a morning shake to boost your energy!

What’s the best part about using the Golf Swing Relaxation Technique?  It’s easy to do, it works in minutes, and it’s always available at your fingertips.


Schedule a FREE 20-minute Golf Swing Relaxation Technique session by emailing, or texting 727-776-8380.


We’ll teach you an easy to use, short tapping sequence, so you can enjoy immediate relaxation on or off the course!

Dedicated to Your Best Golf Ever,