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Are You Looking for the Best Golf Lessons in the Clearwater / Tampa / St Petersburg Area?
Golf Pro Mike Riso has 30 Years Experience Teaching Golf to Everyone from Beginners to Pros!

Whether  you want to learn how to improve your golf game or if you are a beginner looking to get started with a solid foundation, 30+ year Golf Pro Mike Riso can help you excel.

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OR, if you are in the Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St. Petersburg area, give Mike a call or text at 727-776-8380 and set up a lesson at beautiful Clearwater Country Club.

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed, or your money will be cheerfully refunded in full.  Come see the difference a top golf teaching professional can make to your game – with no risk.

“Mike is a phenomenal coach. I got my money’s worth in the first 15 minutes. The rest was just a bonus. Mike corrected a couple things in my set-up that I would’ve never been able to figure out on my own or with any amount of YouTube videos. I used to have a slight slice to most of my shots. With just a few recommendations from Mike, I was hitting my 7 iron consistently straight and about 10 yards further… all within the hour! I can’t recommend him enough.

Thanks again Mike. Looking forward to a putting lesson with you sometime soon so you can fix that part of my game too.”

Greg Tomka

Top 10 Golf Tips Clearwater Golf InstructorIf you’re struggling teaching yourself golf from You Tube videos, or trying to improve by getting pointers from friends or loved ones and haven’t found what you’ve been looking for, this 18 page ebook with 10 easy to apply, in-depth tips is just what you’ve been looking for. If you’re ready to  simplify your game and also want to receive ongoing golf tips throughout the year covering all aspects of your game, including  driving, putting, chipping, wedges, sand shots. and On-Course strategy, plus the mental game, sign up today and get your FREE ebook, “10 Keys to Creating a Consistent Golf Game!”

“For anyone that’s debating if an hour golf lesson is worth the money – let me just say this. My handicap was down to a 6 two years ago. The last 4 months have been very depressing, and the handicap has risen to a 11.5. I could not figure out what was going wrong. I found Mike online and set up a lesson. Within the first 3 minutes after seeing 2 swings – Mike has me fixed.

It was shocking to find my problem consisted 100% within my grip and how I held the club. I would have never known if I didn’t humble myself to this experience and be open and willing to learn from a true professional! Mike is the best golf has to offer! Best 85 bucks I’ve ever spent. I purchased more than a golf lesson.  I left with peace of mind!”  

Ryan Hohl