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Personalized Online Golf Lessons


After giving tens of thousands of in person lessons over nearly 40 years, I never thought I’d be saying this. “I’m a strong believer that remote golf lessons can improve anyone’s game – when the following four conditions are present.”

  1. The teacher already has a successful in person teaching record.
  2. The process of scheduling and taking lessons is kept extremely simple
  3. Lessons are taught in a manner anyone can understand, without having an excess of confusing, overly technical information.
  4. Your coach is readily accessible for support between lessons.
Skillest Online Golf Lessons

Professional coaching to sharpen your golf game wherever you are – when you need it.

Two common fallacies regarding professional online instruction:

1. I need to be with my instructor in person. Remote/online instruction isn’t hands-on coaching.

The term ‘hands-on’ refers to active participation or the direct involvement of your coach. Michael is directly involved coaching remotely by first sending back his professional analysis of your videos with voiceover instruction. He also sends a short summary of the key components of each lesson, via text or email, whichever is most convenient for his students. The fact that Michael’s not physically with the student has little to do with his ability to improve your game.

2. It will be too much work on my part to take videos and send them for my lessons.

Virtually everybody who has a smart phone is either taking pictures, or selfies, or shooting short videos for one reason or another. If you can take two 10-second videos, and forward them to my text or email, you can learn through our online coaching programs.

Here are 11 reasons why remote/online professional golf lessons might be right for you.

1- You’ll play better golf, shoot lower scores, grow in confidence on the course, and have more fun!

2- Without the need to travel to lessons or deal with weather issues, lessons require less time than traditional in person instruction.

3- You Benefit from more frequent feedback since you have access to your private, highly personalized coaching 24/7. This is available via video feedback with VoiceOver coaching, phone calls, email, and text. And with some lesson programs, Zoom meetings, too!

4- You get to choose time slots in the morning, afternoon, or evening that work best for your schedule.

5- You can take lessons from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, on vacation, traveling, or on business.

6- Taking lessons requires just two quick videos sent to your coach from your phone.

7- All your lessons are stored in your video library, so you have a permanent record and can review them at any time.

8- Instruction can help you with any part of your game, including the full swing/driving, chipping and pitching, putting, sand shots, the mental game, and on course scoring strategy.

9- Your coach Michael Riso has a proven track record teaching for nearly 4 decades, and has earned 99% five star Google reviews.

10- Lessons can be accessed on your smart phone, or at your computer or laptop.

11-Mike Riso Golf offers a risk free lesson guarantee: If at the conclusion of your first remote lesson you aren’t encouraged and confident I’ll help improve your game as your coach, your payment will be immediately refunded – no questions asked!

After just two lessons with Mike, I have a new level of passion for the game of golf. His guidance has proved transformational for me. I am now hitting the ball solidly on a very consistent basis, and the game is no longer an exercise in frustration. It’s become pure unadulterated fun.

Ken Bobbie

Fairbanks, AK

Mike was fabulous! I have never picked up a golf club in my life. My very first lesson, he had me putting making the shot. He was so patient and able to explain the sport. He is a true professional!

Lindsay Miller

Mike is a great communicator/teacher. I’ve been playing golf for many years, Mike saw flaws in my swing no one has previously identified. He then communicated easy to understand corrective actions. Can’t wait to get out there and put my new swing into practice.

Lou Ferris

Amazing teacher for any level of golf and Mike is a genuinely great person! I was a total beginner and started with just one lesson to test the waters. Now I’m using a full package of lessons that build on each other.

Kaitlyn H.

I look forward to lessons with Mike. He is patient and is such a great teacher. I was ready to quit on golf until finding Mike and now, I simply cannot wait to learn more and play better. Thanks Mike for making the game fun again!

Donna Burnette